A comprehensive range of experience
KEY POINTS The Health and Safety at work Act provides a consistent framework to manage your commitments regardless of your industry. It provides a legal framework to promote and encourage high standards of health and safety in places of work.
We have gained a thorough understanding of Health and Safety compliance whilst working in mainly hazardous industries. We have applied this in the following areas, but the core principles are applicable across all areas of endeavour. Petro chemical
Installed Liquid Oxygen storage onto 
petro-chem site.
Heavy construction
Coal fired power station maintenance and breakdown repair.
Upgraded medical gas supplies to hospitals.
Refined school procedures to improve audit results.
Clarified Health and Safety requirements to meet inspection requirements.
Nuclear licensed sites
Safe shutdown equipment installed. General production
Ancillary equipment installed.
Industrial gases
Installed Cryogenic storage and operating equipment on to third party sites.
Food manufacture
Production line equipment installed.
Research facilities
Bio Hazard areas supplied.
Construction projects
Heavy machinery commissioning including Crane installation.
Clean Energy
Public access 700Bar Hydrogen distribution system useful.